Paint Repair

Damage to a vehicle’s paint can be as significant as an accident or as minor as a door ding. However, any damage to the paint can be a major eyesore. There are many ways and steps to repairing the paint job on a car. An auto technician can help determine what is needed to restore your car’s paint to its former looks.

Replacing Damaged Parts

Before you can deal with repair paint, you need to replace any panel pieces that are damaged beyond repair. Many dings and dents can be repaired, but a puncture or severe dent may require the whole piece be replaced. Depending on your budget, your technician may recommend OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), aftermarket or recycled parts. No matter what you choose, a technician can help make sure the color matches the rest of the car.

Color Matching

If only one or two panels need to be repainted, your technician may recommend spot painting. In many cases, the color of the car can be matched very closely. However, this depends on the age, finish, and condition of the original paint job. A skilled technician will use multiple masking techniques to make sure the new paint blends with the old paint and the repairs will not be noticeable.


After the paint job, a technician should buff and polish the paint to ensure the quality of their work. It takes up to 90 days for a paint job to set in completely. Most paint technicians recommend not washing or waxing your vehicle for at least 30 days.

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